I came to Clearview Communities straight out of the hospital. I was still very ill. It wasn’t until I came to Clearview that I started to get better. I left with my illness in full remission. I have been well since leaving- nearly 4 years ago.

-former resident

I would recommend ClearView Communities to anyone who needs a supportive and therapeutic community. When I got there I was in a terrible place. They literally saved my life and my wife and I are deeply appreciative.

– former resident James

The ClearView program is like no other program out there. They have the best model and provided the best help for our son. He would not have made the progress that he did anywhere else.

-parent of former resident

My time at Cleaview was great.  The staff were friendly and helpful and I made good friends.  I was provided with excellent care and attention was paid to every aspect of my wellness.  Frederick was a great town in which to explore, grow and heal.

– Anne S.

Eric, Caroline and Michael
I’m sorry for my delay in sending this. Thank you so much for the great care you provided (name removed). We hope you are very proud of the great service you provide.
Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we may be of assistance in the future and you certainly may post this on your website.

Warm Regards,