I think it’s important for parents like ourselves to recognize once in a while what a remarkable institution CVC is, and this email is devoted to that purpose. If I had imagined a year and a half ago before our son came to CVC what the ideal institution would look like for his needs, I would have pictured one that offers exactly what CVC does and that has the very same staff that CVC has. I have often conducted thought experiments like this, envisioning the perfect institution to fulfill a particular need of mine–whether it be the perfect school, workplace, or healthcare facility, etc.–I would imagine many people do as they go through life–but I can’t think of an instance in which the ideal institution I imagined in my mind was reproduced so accurately, in reality, the way CVC has been. Congrats to you and everyone at CVC for the extraordinary work you do.

-Parents of Current Resident

We were a family who were relentless in our pursuit of solutions. Our daughter received and was subjected to every possible remedy widely touted by the mental health community. A brief history would include: an array of psychotropic drugs which exacerbated her condition, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, Pharmacology Management, multiple mental health facilities. We also employed an array of non-traditional solutions to mental health such as Transcranial Magnetic Imaging, ketamine infusions and medical marijuana.
The reason all of these approaches failed is because they lacked the most basic of human approaches – normalization. Clearview Communities and its wonderful founder know that stigma lies at the core of why folks feel different or are victimized by labels and diagnoses.

When our daughter arrived after two years of trial and error solutions and patch­work approaches, we were not sure what to expect. All we knew is that our daughter would be treated as who she really was – a beautiful loving human being who was acting in a self-destructive manner that was totally out of character. The great news and good fortune for the our family was finding an organization established on the basis of dignity for every person who has a mental health issue. There were no hard judgments or irreversible diagnoses about where a person was at in their life’s journey.

-Parents of Former Resident

I entered Clearview after a very rough summer spent largely in mental hospitals. I was in my own world. Almost immediately, I began feeling a part of the “Clearview Community.” Going on group outings, having group and individualized therapy, and simply living with a group of people in similar situations was extremely empowering. Preparing dinner, eating with others, and cleaning up seems like a trivial domestic pursuit, but it was hugely important at the time. I was part of a functioning whole. In about six months, I felt confident enough to return to living in my apartment. It’s been over four years since I left Clearview, but I owe them a debt of gratitude.

-Former Resident Jeff

I came to Clearview Communities straight out of the hospital. I was still very ill. It wasn’t until I came to Clearview that I started to get better. I left with my illness in full remission. I have been well since leaving- nearly 4 years ago.

-Former Resident

I would recommend ClearView Communities to anyone who needs a supportive and therapeutic community. When I got there I was in a terrible place. They literally saved my life and my wife and I are deeply appreciative.

-Former Resident James

The ClearView program is like no other program out there. They have the best model and provided the best help for our son. He would not have made the progress that he did anywhere else.

-Parent of Former Resident

My time at Cleaview was great.  The staff were friendly and helpful and I made good friends.  I was provided with excellent care and attention was paid to every aspect of my wellness.  Frederick was a great town in which to explore, grow and heal.

– Anne S.

Eric, Caroline and Michael
I’m sorry for my delay in sending this. Thank you so much for the great care you provided (name removed). We hope you are very proud of the great service you provide.
Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we may be of assistance in the future and you certainly may post this on your website.

Warm Regards,