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February 5, 2016

Frederick, Maryland

**Mayo Clinic to build the John E. Herman House in collaboration with ClearView Communities**

The Sylvan C. Herman Foundation, founder of ClearView Communities, has made a gift to Mayo Clinic that will establish the John E. Herman House in Rochester, Minnesota.

The John E. Herman House in collaboration with ClearView Communities will be an intensive residential rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness based on ClearView Communities’ principles and treatment models. Mayo Clinic’s construction plans and timelines are being determined.

The John E. Herman House will offer a comfortable home environment to promote healing and help its residents adapt to independent living. Comprehensive, individualized treatment will support residents’ recovery in terms of their symptoms and their functioning as part of the community.

ClearView Communities, LLC is a residential rehabilitation program for adults with severe mental illness located in Frederick, Maryland.  ClearView Communities provides intensive clinical, vocational, and recovery-oriented treatment services to its residents using a community inclusion approach. ClearView programming is fully integrated with the local community including easy access for residents to employment, educational and volunteer opportunities.

The mission of ClearView Communities, LLC is to create a superior residential experience for persons with severe mental illness and co-occurring disorders. We offer a unique and comprehensive program for adults with mental illness who are seeking recovery and independent living in the community.

For more information about ClearView Communities programming, please contact: Michael B. Knable, DO, Executive Director of the Sylvan C. Herman Foundation and Medical Director of ClearView Communities and/or Eric A. Levine, Ed.D, Executive Director of ClearView Communities. Contact information is as follows:

Dr. Knable: 240-439-4900.

Dr. Levine: 240-439-4900.

Fax: 301-378-0113

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At ClearView Communities, we provide residential rehabilitation services for adults struggling with a range of serious psychiatric diagnoses. Our welcoming home environment offers both highly supervised and semi-independent living in well-appointed, inviting residences. By becoming active and engaged in our vibrant historic downtown setting, residents learn to successfully manage their illness and become advocates for themselves.

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