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ClearView Communities recently earned a Three-Year CARF Accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF, is an independent, nonprofit organization with a focus on advancing the quality of services in health and human services. The mission of CARF is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process and continuous improvement services that center on enhancing the lives of persons served.

Through accreditation, CARF assists service providers in improving the quality of their services, demonstrating value, and meeting internationally recognized organizational and program standards. The accreditation process applies sets of standards to service areas and business practices during an on-site survey. Accreditation, however, is an ongoing process, signaling to the public that a service provider is committed to continuously improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. Accreditation also demonstrates a provider’s commitment to enhance its performance, manage its risk, and distinguish its service delivery. 

What does CARF accreditation mean for the public?
For those being served, CARF accreditation means that the CARF-accredited service provider is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting preferences of individuals (cultural or otherwise) and providing the best quality of care possible. It also shows that the accredited organization values the feedback and input of their clients and is accountable to the community. Accreditation demonstrates that a CARF-accredited service provider has made a specific commitment to put the needs of their residents at the center of everything they do and that they respect the rights and individuality of its clients.

ClearView Communities has earned a Three-Year Accreditation following our CARF survey in October 2019. This is the highest level of accreditation awarded through the CARF survey process. Listed below is documentation from the survey report provided by CARF following our survey:

Accreditation Decision:
ClearView Communities, LLC demonstrated substantial conformance to the standards. ClearView Communities, LLC (CVC) is a respected provider that embraces the CARF standards to provide a quality experience for its persons served, family members, and other stakeholders. The organization’s commitment to continuous quality improvement drives it to provide much needed services and supports in the community. The stakeholders are highly satisfied with the services that CVC provides. CVC also enjoys a high rate of satisfaction by the persons served, staff, and other stakeholders receiving CVC’s services and support. The leadership and staff are commended for their efforts in working to improve the lives of the persons served. The staff and leadership should be proud of its growth and its mission focused, person-centered program model that is a jewel in its community.

Areas of Strengths:

  • CVC has great facilities that make it feel like home and provide a nurturing environment for its staff and persons served. The organization’s continuous engagement with persons served, staff, and other stakeholders creates and maintains a responsive, vibrant work and living experience that encourages self-care, independence, and meaningful interactions.
  • CVC’s staff and leadership are recognized for the quality of services they provide to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and has a voice as a part of the community providing person-centered care that aims toward the successful discharge of persons served.
  • Stakeholders appreciate the collaborative approach to the provision of services and how the organization responds to the needs of the persons served through its development of programs and activities aimed at successful community integration. One Stakeholder noted that the stakeholder loves the fact that the organization seeks to gain employment for its persons served, which allows them to be contributing members of the community.
  • CVC is a model organization that stakeholders note should be duplicated at every opportunity. The services provided by the organization are well planned, and executed, with a person-centered philosophy that allows maximum impact for the persons served. A sense of community and recovery is vibrant throughout CVC. Staff and residents at every level truly care for one another and go the extra mile whenever needed.
  • Community safety is at the forefront of all of the work that happens with CVC. Upon admission and throughout the stay of persons served, the CVC team addresses risk, practices de-escalation techniques, and works through a trauma-informed model of care.
  • Community integration and independence are woven into the daily fabric of CVC. Persons served are obtaining their degrees, becoming teachers, volunteering, and regaining their sense of self-esteem and dignity. As one person served noted, “I am myself again as I used to be,” thanks to CVC.
  • CVC is seen as a leader in the field of mental health residential treatment, providing the highest level of care and achieving its mission to provide a superior therapeutic residential experience. CVC truly believes in, practices, and integrates mindfulness-based interventions, placing health and wellness at the forefront of its recovery model.
  • All of the services provided at CVC are based on fidelity or best-practice approaches. This supports the organization to be a leader in many areas of residential and clinical treatment, community-based approaches, and person-centered best practices.
  • CVC has an experienced, comprehensive, and robust clinical team to meet the complex needs of its persons served and their families. A multitude of interdisciplinary team meetings occurs consistently and includes the entire organization gaining input at every level to meet the individual needs of each person served.

For more information about ClearView Communities, please contact:

Katie Lentz, Admissions Manager: 240-439-4900.

Fax: 301-378-0113