Through individualized treatment and meaningful community involvement, recovery IS possible.

ClearView Communities in Frederick, MD is proud to premiere a short documentary featuring Sylvan Herman and a beautiful and well-produced video tour and description of the ClearView Model. For more information please call, 240-439-4900.

Celebrating a Milestone and moving forward

ClearView Communities in Frederick, MD recently completed treatment with our 100th resident. We are pleased to offer community integration programming for residents with serious and persistent mental illness. Longitudinal data on this population has indicated that people with serious and persistent mental illness are underemployed, often struggle with substance use disorder, experience other serious health concerns, and typically have a life expectancy approximately 25 years shorter than the average person. Quality programming can positively influence those outcomes.

Clearview is a member of a several organizations, including the Association 4 Community Integration Programs ( The association defines Community Integration as follows “…Community integration is a model that blends psychiatric care and psychosocial rehabilitation. It is rooted in the belief that many people diagnosed as suffering from psychiatric symptoms do not need to live apart from their community, whether in residential programs or hospital settings.”

Elements of the Clearview model include: psychiatry, individual and group therapy, crisis intervention services, evidence-based supported employment, milieu therapy, art therapy, yoga, and exercise. The primary purpose of the program is to help residents get and keep jobs, enroll in post-secondary courses, and/or volunteer in the community. We believe that this model can be highly effective with those we serve. The majority of CVC residents who have completed the program are living on their own with minimal supports. In 2016, at any given time, 75% of ClearView residents were meaningfully engaged in community integration activities. On average 65% of residents who wanted to work became competitively employed.

Success is hard fought. It does not happen for everyone. About 2/3 of CVC residents who have been admitted to the program have experienced successful outcomes. Anyone who says that their model has solved the problem of treating people with mental illness, has stopped asking the right questions. Mental illness is a public health crisis. Continued and sustained efforts must be made if the collective “we” can hope to help people struggling with mental illness to live quality lives and to actively participate and contribute within their communities. ClearView’s mission is to provide a superior therapeutic residential experience for persons with serious mental illness. We try our best to fulfill that mission and continually strive to learn and be better. Community Integration and recovery-based models are the way to go.

For more information about ClearView Communities programming, please contact:

Dr. Knable, Medical Director: 240-439-4900.

Dr. Levine, Executive Director: 240-439-4900.

Caroline Cantrell LCSW-C, Clinical Director and Admissions: 240-439-4900.

Patty Lutton, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator: 240-439-4900.

Fax: 301-378-0113

Recovery at Work

At ClearView Communities, we provide residential rehabilitation services for adults struggling with a range of serious psychiatric diagnoses. Our welcoming home environment offers both highly supervised and semi-independent living in well-appointed, inviting residences. By becoming active and engaged in our vibrant historic downtown setting, residents learn to successfully manage their illness and become advocates for themselves.

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