Residents of the IDEP will receive a detailed psychiatric assessment on admission. In addition, all prior psychological testing will be gathered and reviewed. If needed, further testing for cognitive functioning and personality characteristics will be performed by an expert psychologist. Psychiatric rating scales for mood symptoms, psychotic symptoms, and community functioning will be obtained regularly.

Residents will have weekly psychiatric appointments to collect additional observations to assist with formulation. Psychopharmacology services will be offered during the resident’s stay to achieve the optimal medication regimen. Residents will participate in weekly individual psychotherapy, and daily group psychotherapy sessions. Residents will also undergo a thorough review of their physical health and coordination of all necessary medical consultations, laboratory tests and imaging studies will be offered.

Prior to discharge, a report summarizing the relevant psychiatric, psychological, and medical issues will be furnished to the resident and family. Discharge planning services will include identification of appropriate resources in the patient’s home community and detailed recommendations for ongoing treatment.