All new residents start at the 24/7 level of care and must work through the program to transition to any lower level of care. The vast majority of a resident’s time with us is spent at this 24/7 level of care, and we do not admit anyone directly to a lower level of care at the beginning of treatment.

24/7 Therapeutic Residential Program

All admissions at ClearView Communities start at this level of care and are generally at this level of care the longest. Residents live in a house that is staffed around the clock with awake direct care professionals who provide support, treatment intervention, encouragement, and monitoring. This includes support within the household, assistance to and from the central office for therapy and support sessions, community interaction, and social activities. Residents are expected to participate in group programming as well as their individual appointments with their psychiatrist, therapist, and other support staff. Medication administration is directly supervised by staff. Residents are also supported in pursuing Community Integration such as paid employment, volunteer work, or furthering their education.


Once a resident has obtained a minimum of 10-25 hours of consistent Community Integration and is actively participating in their clinical goals, they become eligible to transition to the Step-Down level of care. At this level of care, there is still staff support available 24/7, but residents are given more independence. They may be able to use a personal vehicle, have more time in the community without staff present, remain in the house without staff present, self-administer medication, and create a modified daily schedule.

Semi-Independent Living

Once a resident has obtained a minimum of 20-25 hours of consistent Community Integration and is actively participating in their clinical goals, they become eligible for the Semi-Independent level of care. Staff are available during the day, but there is more independence built into a resident’s schedule. The house is largely maintained by the residents who live there. A staff member lives in a connected apartment in case of emergencies during the night. At this level of care, residents are paired with a staff member for 1:1 practice of independent living skills, and residents assume responsibility for more aspects of their life such as picking up medication refills and shopping for groceries.

Supported Living Services

The ultimate goal for everyone is independent community living. ClearView Communities offers wrap-around support services for our residents who graduate from semi-independent living and move into their own apartments in the larger community of Frederick. These residents may still participate in our services including group therapy, individual sessions, case management, psychiatric care, and vocational coaching. The community and staff at ClearView serve as a support and provide assistance in finding and engaging other resources in the community that provides transitional support.

Supported Living Services is designed to be a time-limited service while an individual is adjusting to living independently. Admission to this level of care is determined on a case-by-case basis, and is intended to be no more than six months in length. ClearView Communities will ensure that outpatient providers are arranged prior to discharge from Supported Living Services.

Intensive (Inpatient) Care

If residents should require inpatient hospital care, the ClearView treatment team remains in contact with the resident during his or her time in the hospital, as appropriate. This maintains the individual’s connection with our community and helps prepare a plan for transition following the hospital stay.