Asha Brown, LMSW


Asha Brown, LMSW earned both her bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in social work from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Asha has had a wealth of experiences including working as an inpatient Mental Health Technician, Recovery Coach, and Structural Family Therapist. In these roles, she completed psychosocial assessments, provided both individual and group therapy, and assisted in developing psychoeducational programming with a focus on DBT and CBT.

In her current position, Asha incorporates her knowledge of care at different levels to ensure a holistic, individualized, and trauma-informed approach when providing care. Underlying Asha’s strength-based practice is the belief that all people are capable of growth and change when provided the proper environment, resources, and support.

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Asha Brown, LMSW


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