ClearView Communities’ founder, Mr. Sylvan Herman, was awarded the Inclusion Visionary Award at The Friendship Circle’s A Night of Friendship Event on May 22, 2019.  This award represents his dedication to the inclusivity of individuals regardless of their abilities, specifically recognizing ClearView as a mental health program promoting recovery, resilience, and independence for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness. Excerpt from The Friendship Circle

June 2, 2018 – Open House

Wonderful day dedicating our beautiful new building on campus and recognizing valued ClearView Communities Staff, SC Herman Staff and Ternion Builders LLC who make this all possible.

Celebrating a new addition to the family, Congratulations Dr. and Mrs. Moehringer!


Fun in the River

The residents and staff at ClearView Communities like to be active! Recently, the staff and residents enjoyed a day of rock climbing and kayaking together at Valley Mill. This type of adventure-based therapy provides residents with the opportunity to plan, think, problem solve and push themselves to take risk in a fun and supportive way. The goal is to bridge the skills and thinking needed in an adventure-based setting into real life challenges.

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