The Power of Employment

At ClearView Communities, we believe that work is not the result of treatment and recovery, but is integral to both. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to their community. We do not use a “readiness” model for employment; from a resident’s first day at ClearView, we expect community involvement to happen, as clinically indicated. The vocational program at ClearView Communities is grounded in the Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) model of supported employment. Anyone who expresses a desire to work in a competitive position can do so.

Individual Plans of Action

Our services are tailored to each resident’s personal career goals. We work in collaboration with each one to create a career plan that is geared towards his or her personal interests. The vocational program includes but is not limited to, career planning, on-site job coaching, job and task analyses, accommodations planning, disability disclosure decision making and resume writing.

Personal Skills

Residents also meet weekly with our Employment Specialist and attend a vocational group to work on soft skills. Group topics include anger management, problem solving, teamwork, communication, assertiveness and conflict management.

Continued Support

The Supported Employment Program at ClearView Communities not only helps residents find jobs that match their interests but also provides continued support to help them retain their positions have continued success.

Principles of Supported Employment

Focus on Competitive Employment

ClearView Communities is committed to competitive employment as an attainable goal for residents with serious mental illness.

Eligibility Based on Resident Choice

Residents are not excluded on the basis of readiness, diagnoses, symptoms, substance use history, psychiatric hospitalizations, level of disability or legal system involvement.

Integration of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services

ClearView Communities Supported Employment Program is closely integrated with our treatment team.

Attention to Resident Preferences

Services are based on residents’ preferences and choices, rather than providers’ judgments.

Personalized Benefits Counseling

ClearView Communities works with residents to obtain personalized, accurate and understandable information about their Social Security, insurance information and other government entitlements.

Rapid Job Search

The Supported Employment Program focuses on a rapid job search approach to help residents obtain jobs directly, rather than providing lengthy pre-employment assessment, training, and counseling.

Systematic Job Development

ClearView Communities has established business partnerships and continues to build an employer network based on residents’ interests. We continue to develop relationships with local employers by making systematic contacts.

Time-Unlimited and Individualized Support

Follow-along supports are individualized and continued for as long as residents want and need the support.