24/7 Therapeutic Residential Program

ClearView Communities 24/7 residences house up to 12 residents with individual bedrooms and shared bathroom accommodations, all within walking distance to the office. Our recovery coaches assist residents throughout the week around the clock to provide support, treatment intervention, encouragement and monitoring. This care includes support within the household, assistance to and from the central office for therapy and support sessions, community interaction and social activities. In all of our residences, food is provided and meals are prepared in rotation by the residents with assistance from the staff.

Step-Down and Semi-Independent Living

ClearView Communities also offers private room and shared bath accommodations for up to twelve residents who can live more independently. These homes are also just a short walk from the central office. In semi-independent living, live-in staff provides emergency overnight support, as well as ongoing support both at the home and in community settings. Food is provided and meals may be coordinated with fellow residents.

Supported Living Services

The ultimate goal for everyone is independent community living. ClearView Communities offers wrap-around support services for our residents who graduate from semi-independent living and move into their own apartments in the larger community of Frederick.  These residents may still participate in our services including group therapy, individual sessions, case management, psychiatric care and vocational coaching. The community and staff at ClearView serve as a support and provide assistance in finding and engaging other resources in the community that provide transitional support.

Intensive (Inpatient) Care

If residents should require inpatient hospital care, the ClearView treatment team remains in contact with the resident during his or her time in the hospital, as appropriate. This maintains the individual’s connection with our community and helps prepare a plan for transition following the hospital stay.