We believe a key element in recovery is a flexible approach based on individual needs. Our program ensures that each resident gets the level of support he or she needs appropriate to his or her journey to recovery. ClearView’s focus is psychosocial rehabilitation, meaning the programs offered while in residential treatment here support the resident’s goals of overall health and independence through clinical care, vocational training, and life skills support.

Clinical Program

A central principle at ClearView Communities is having an interdisciplinary group of consistent clinical staff in order to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with each resident over an extended period of time. Clinical services include psychiatry, therapy, nursing, occupational therapy, as well as milieu therapy within the residences.

ClearView’s approach to care is centered on evidence-based practices. Among the treatment modalities, we believe to be instrumental for recovery from mental illness and dual disorders include illness management and recovery skills, assertive community treatment, family psychoeducation, supported employment, and integrated dual diagnosis treatment.

Additional care may be coordinated with other treatment providers such as medical specialists based on individual needs.

Vocational Program

At ClearView Communities, we believe that work is not the result of treatment and recovery, but is integral to both. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to their community. We do not use a “readiness” model for employment; from a resident’s first day at ClearView, we expect community involvement to happen, as clinically indicated. The vocational program at ClearView Communities is grounded in the Evidenced Based Practice (EBP) model of supported employment. Anyone who expresses a desire to work in a competitive position can do so. Our community integration staff can also help coordinate volunteer opportunities in the community, or help with educational support for residents who wish to further their educational career.

The Supported Employment Program at ClearView Communities not only helps residents find jobs that match their interests but also provides continued support to help them retain their positions have continued success.

Our services are tailored to each resident’s personal career goals. We work in collaboration with each one to create a career plan that is geared towards his or her personal interests. The vocational program includes but is not limited to, career planning, on-site job coaching, job and task analyses, accommodations planning, disability disclosure decision making and resume writing.

Lift Program

The LIFT (Learning Independence for Tomorrow) program prepares residents with the life skills they need to live independent and productive lives as adults. LIFT is specifically designed for individuals with learning disabilities, mild intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and students whose ability to live independently is in question.

LIFT covers three critical domains of adult living in the 21st century – daily living skills, self-determination and interpersonal skills, and employment skills.

LIFT is based on a curriculum developed by the Council for Exceptional Children which is backed by over 30 years of research and experience. We are confident LIFT will help the residents learn the life skills they need to transition from residential living into independent living and the workforce.